Do you know of anyone who got a loan modification approved?

Today I want to speak to you about Loan Modifications, do you know of anyone who has been able to modify? If you are like me, the answer will be, seldom, I have past and present clients of mine, that they are trying and trying and unfortunately the bank is jerking them around and around, and so far no modification, the bank will ask over and over for the same paperwork, (I believe that they have a monster that eats the paperwork, because they supposedly never received it)..And, one more time it is sent again, it’s like a game they play, and after playing it for a while, guess what? the bank will send you a letter saying ‘SORRY BUT YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR LOAN MODIFICATION”. Meanwhile we keep hearing about the millions that the government is “giving to these banks” to help modify the people that are in need of help, my question is what are they doing with that money?? To me looks like they prefer to foreclosure in someone’s house, sell it for way less them what they were owed, instead of helping the homeowner who really wanted to keep his or her house, but just needed a little help. What is wrong with this picture??? So we keep having the same mess as we have today, vacant houses dropping the value of the neighborhood, families displaced, I believe that if we fix the housing problem the economy will improve. So Mr.” BANKS” how about trying to help the economy by helping people modify, and keep them in their home??? It is a win, win situation…do you have a comment?

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